About Herman's Pawn Shop

Herman's early life started like any other, growing up in St. Paul
Minnesota, going to Catholic grade and high school plus two years
of Watch Repair classes at the local Vocational school.

Herman's real story started during Christmas of 1961. He had just
lost his low paying repair job and he wondered what would come
next? Then a few days later a former co-worker called and asked him
to move to Collinsville to run his own watch repair department in a
newly opened discount store. Then he asked his best friend to marry
him and moved to Collinsville.

Three years later the discount store burned down and once again all
seemed lost. But after renting half of a tiny building for a short time
the other occupant, a firearms dealer, had to shut down. He then posed
the idea of a Pawn Shop to Herman who knew nothing about it. Then in
January of 1969 Herman invested $1000 in the business.

On Valentines day of 1971 they moved the growing business 4 blocks
down the road from the original location to a new building. Five children,
15 grandchildren and 5 building additions later, Chris, Herman's second
oldest son and now owner, is doing a great job, having 30+ years
experience and a flair for treating customers well.

"At Herman's you are treated better than family!"