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Hermans Pawn Shop


Why Choose Herman's?

At Herman's we offer TOP Dollar and the LOWEST interest rate. You can't go wrong! Example: If you pawn your ring for $100, and pick it up within the month, it would cost you $110. Our competitors would charge you $120. We have had the same low rates since 1969.

We are very competitive on what we pay, usually between 50% to 80% of the used value. The quicker we can move your item, the more we pay.

Need Cash?

Need cash? Have something of value? You can borrow money (pawn), sell or trade to turn your valuable into cash. Just have a valid ID and be at least 18 years old. Bring in your item and we will make you an offer. It is as easy as that. You might be surprised at how much it is worth!

Want a deal on unclaimed merchandise? Hermans is a great place to find deals on unclaimed merchandise, including tools, electronics, musical equipment, car audio, video games, a large selection of jewelry and much more.

What Items do we take?

We take anything of value. Some common things we take include; jewelry, game systems, T.V.s (as long as they are newer than 2014), tools, car subwoofers, tablets, laptops, and lawn and garden equipment.

If you have something not listed and want to know if we will take it, just give us a call and we would be happy to answer.



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